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Melody mixed the teachings with both theory and a lot of practical hands-on. Melody made the class interesting and relaxing, with a wealth of experience so happy to share. I feel confident now with my new learnings and bowls. Definitely recommend this course if you really want to understand the Tibetan Bowls and become a confident Practitioner! Melody has a beautiful range of bowls for students and the value for the course of great.

Joanna Palmer – Gold Coast

I am rating this course a 10 out of 10! Being for the greatest benefit. Very informative fun and easy to understand. A great teacher and such enjoyable days. Loads of information to help me be a great practitioner!. Value for money is also amazing.

Sandra Wilcock – Gold Coast

I attended Melody’s Tibetan Singing Bowl Foundation Course over two days. Having only briefly touched on Singing Bowls I was excited to deep dive into their world and immerse myself. Melody was an excellent teacher for me to begin this journey with. Her passion, knowledge, and techniques made this journey both informative and inspiring. It’s much more than “just” a foundation course. It is an immersive experience both with the bowls and yourself. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know the magic these bowls can create.

Melody is an expert in Tibet bowls & her experience with energy healing is extensive.

Rachael Steele – Brisbane

I attended the 2 days Tibetan Bowl foundation course, the course covers both theory & hands-on experience on the bowls. Melody supplies good quality Tibet singing bowls and crystal bowls during the course for her students to practice. I enjoyed the hands-on experience very much. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in sound bowl healing.

Wai Leung ~ Brisbane

Melody has been wonderful, Melody has guided me and given me more knowledge than I could ever imagine so freely.

M. Horan – Gold Coast

I would like to thank Melody for her amazing teachings. The Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training Course was wonderful, taking me to a level of trust, the ambiance was beautiful and was filled with caring, kindness and love.

Wendy ~ Gold Coast

Melody has given me a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sound Healing. Thank you, Melody, I am rating this course as a 10 out of 10.

T. Dharmajiva – Gold Coast

I was blessed to find Melody on my way. The course was very comprehensive and practical. Once I finished I could apply the learning lesson to real-life easily. I was not conscious of the importance of learning how can sound healing affect a person with diverse diseases. Now I understand it’s fundamental to have this knowledge in order to really help people. Thank you, Melody

Irasema Calvo – Gold Coast

In July, I had the pleasure of attending Melody’s Tibetan Singing Bowls, 3 Day Practitioner Training Course. This is an amazing course and I highly recommend Melody as a trainer. My experience with Melody was beyond more than what I expected.

Melody has a wealth of knowledge, and I could really see this during my training. I went from a complete beginner, leaving fully confident with the new skill sets I was taught. Melody is very professional, personable and you can see the joy she has for her work. It is incredible to watch. If this is something you are truly interested in and would love to share with others, I highly recommend Melody Bass. The amount of attention to detail and support I was given during my training, way out surpasses other experiences I have had. My training was tailor-made, which gave me a very in-depth experience. The venue and value for money were a 10 out of 10.

Zoe Martin – Gold Coast

I am rating this course 10 out of 10, Melody helped me to facilitate Sound Healing and shared her wisdom openly. If you feel drawn to learn Sound Healing then follow your guidance. The Value is amazing and the venue is absolutely beautiful.

Tarrah Prior – Adelaide

Melody made learning a new skill, fun, and memorable. It felt more like playing, not learning, yet retaining so much information through repetitiveness. I rate this course a 10 out of 10, perfection, value for money, and the venue is also 10 out of 10.

Sandi Wood – Gold Coast

Melody is a divine teacher who is so full of knowledge. I am so grateful for what Melody has taught me, giving me the confidence to follow my passion and to be able to add this wonderful modality to my healing journey for myself and others.

Pania Casey ~ Gold Coast

Melody is an astronomically loving and passionate teacher, her wisdom and practices are beyond miraculous, Melody makes it so fulfilling and fun. Her teachings are extremely thorough with the best intent, Melody is definitely a powerful healer and teacher with the most beautiful strength.

Tayla Furniss ~ Gold Coast

I highly recommend Melody as she is really gifted and courageous.

Melody creates a safe place for you to practice, heal and release.

Melody is genuine and really wants to support you in your spiritual journey.

Silvia Irene – Gold Coast

Melody is absolutely amazing in her technique and her knowledge. Her genuine caring nature with her clients and totally understand of what they need is absolutely amazing and the way she handles her clients is with pure tenderness and care!
The lightness you experience after a session is stunning! Highly addictive and definitely Recommended.

Heidi Morley – Gold Coast

Wow! I had the absolute pleasure to have a one on one training with Melody, it was out of this world. I flew to Qld from South Australia for this experience with my expectations of what I would be learning and Melody surpassed it by 1000%. I highly recommend Melody’s course in Tibetan sound bowl healing it was a truly out-of-this-world experience. Blessings love and light to all.

Arnda Dryden South Australia

I have had the pleasure of completing the Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training with Melody and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I appreciated the innovative and caring approach to training and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. I particularly enjoyed learning the Eastern vs Western component of the training. Thank you, Melody

I have had the pleasure of completing the Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training with Melody and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. I appreciated the innovative and caring approach to training and the sharing of knowledge and experiences. I particularly enjoyed learning the Eastern vs Western component of the training. Thank you, Melody

D. Hill – Brisbane

After attending Melody’s Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Course I experienced an immense shift and gained immense hands-on experience and I feel confident to play the bowls and my intuition is heightened beyond my expectations. The venue is a beautiful location on the water and the teacher is just beautiful, so patient, and enormously experienced. Thank you Melody I look forward to furthering courses with you. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn the Tibetan Singing Bowls.

E.J. Kidd – Gold Coast

I have just completed my Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Course with Melody and could feel the energy of the Sound Bowls, the course was beyond my expectations with such memorable experiences and insights. There was a tremendous amount of hands-on practice and whilst healing others with the bowls I could feel my vibration rising and sensitivity to other’s energy. I highly recommend this course with Melody as her experience is phenomenal, filled with love, fun, and laughter. I found this very refreshing. I have trained with Melody previously with a number of courses and am always amazed as to her tenacity to keep working on herself to benefit others. Look no further for a wonderful healing journey for yourself and others.

A, Finlay – Gold Coast

I would like to thank Melody for her amazing teachings. The Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training Course was wonderful, taking me to a level of trust, the ambiance was beautiful and was filled with caring, kindness, and love.

Wendy ~ Gold Coast

I first met Melody when we attended a meditation course in India. Since the very first day of instruction, her friendly and knowledgeable nature made her the anchor of the course and resultant social activities. Right from the beginning of our friendship, it was obvious she had a natural sensitivity to people’s energy and how to direct it for healing purposes.

I was also lucky enough to attend the ‘Master Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher/Training’ course, y where I again saw and felt her abilities. Her caring nature and extensive practical experience made her the go-to person for guidance; she is an outstanding teacher with an ability to get her learning aims across in a fun and succinct manner.

Whether you have a personal issue that needs her counsel, or you wish to learn more about the amazing power of sound using Himalayan Bowls, you honestly cannot go wrong with having Melody as your guide on your journey.

Alan Houvenaghel – Germany

“I had the pleasure of attending a private ‘Tibetan Bowls Practitioner Training’ with the divine Melody Bass. Melody made me feel so welcome and comfortable right from the start and allowed me to step into the experience with an open mind and heart. My experience with Melody was more than I could have hoped for. She quickly understood my personality and learning style as well as my desire for learning and tailored the experience to suit my needs while delivering the necessary content. I completed the course feeling confident and excited about my future. I particularly loved how much opportunity Melody gave me to practice using the bowls while being guided and assured along the way.”
S. Bentley – Gold Coast – Queensland – Australia

” I am so grateful that I was able to do the Sound Healing Practitioner with Melody. Melody has such grace and so much knowledge, the learning space is ambient and peaceful and you gain so much knowledge on such a sacred practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to deepen their knowledge and practice.”
C. Freebody – Brisbane – Queensland

I highly recommend immersing yourself in the Tibetan Singing Bowl course. I feel truly blessed in the wisdom and knowledge that Melody so willingly and lovingly shared with me.
It was such an uplifting experience I am keen to learn and discover more of this most magical sound healing.
K. Lockhart – Gold Coast – Queensland

“Through the last few months Melody taught me so much I will be eternally grateful for. Thanks to Melody I found my true purpose on earth and she guided me in the right direction. She introduced me to the beautiful magic of Tibetan sound bowls and I have never experienced anything stronger. Thank you Melody for being such a magical person!”
Endless Love,
Michèle – from Switzerland  

“Experiencing the Sound Healing with Melody has helped me let go of wanting to control. During my healing sessions, I am so much more intuitive, raising to a higher level of consciousness and breaking through patterns and programs, physically, mentally, and emotionally and my creativity has opened up so much, allowing me to access my talents and abilities.
Being a big thinker, Sound Healing, and Coaching has been the greatest benefit to my life. Melody utilizes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, and a vast array of sound tools, this has really has helped me balance the right and left hemispheres of my brain.”
D. Learmonth – Gold Coast – Queensland

“Thank you, Melody. Working with Melody through Transformational Life Coaching and Sound Healing has helped me tremendously. It has profoundly helped me to cope holistically with my health challenges. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have learned from someone with the most beautiful loving nature, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a guru of Coaching and Sound Healing. I highly recommend anyone wanting/searching to learn from the best Teacher on the Gold Coast, to feel more in-tune and connected with yourself and others. Thank you, Melody, 
C. Gerolimos – Gold Coast- Australia

Excellent training in Sound Healing after spending a weekend learning Sound Healing for Family and Friends I went in completely green and came home with a treasure trove of information, both in my head and in my manual provided by Melody. It was such an interesting training and Melody’s knowledge and experience, combined with her organization of the course made for a fun & life-enriching experience. Melody was able to provide detailed information about the subject and had patience and resilience over the two days of the course, Melody was both approachable and warm in her approach to teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending this course. You will gain much valuable information and experience which can be used to enrich your life.
N. Di Silva – Coomera – Queensland

Melody’s Sound Healing Course is beyond anything I could have ever imagined,  fantastic! Just do it and change your energy. My husband and I have both been working with Melody for weeks and have transformed so much, having life-changing experiences with observing past negative patterns from the past and feel like being freed from the prison of my mind. Thank you, Melody,

A. Dwyer and M. Dwyer – Gold Coast – Queensland

Melody you are one totally amazing Lady! Your strength and resolve is unbelievable. I feel so at home when I am with you and I truly love each and every minute with you!! and….. not just because of what you can do for me BUT what I learn, from you! You gave me an amazing gift Melody by doing Sound healing on me. One which I will never forget!!! I want to be a sponge and just keep learning from you as what you have learned and share is truly powerful and beautiful. I would love to be your protege, as you have so much to offer and learn….. Melody you have no idea how much I love you!
H. Morley – Gold Coast – Queensland

Melody sharing and giving her experiences as a healer and supporting with feedback. Melody’s course is one that covers many modalities but incorporates all into one with simplicity and profundity, thank you so much Melody ~ Aknes K. Gold Coast

Beautiful healing to learn. I liked that for the first day we had no manual, it really helped me to get out of my head, I highly recommend – B. Bird – Gold Coast

I love the singing bowls and it felt right from my heart to attend. I feel like I have gained a great understanding of the bowls and other sounds, tools to help me on my journey. Melody taught in a very humorous way, with lots of added stories. `- D. Harpin – Gold Coast