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Bask in a private Sound Healing session with Melody

Relax, unwind, turn off, and embrace the sound as it changes around you with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, energy chimes, and tuning forks, as the healing vibrations permeate your body. and whatever is required for each personal session. The session time is 60 minutes.

Benefits: Help balance the nervous system and enhance well-being… Motivation… Increasing Creativity…Life Direction… Calming Anxiety… Quality Sleep… Digestive Balance… Loss/Grief with over-thinking… Loss/Grief with Anger… Grounding… Chakra Balancing… Sound Bath…

Benefits of Tuning Forks:

  • Tuning the natural cycles in your body is known as the circadian rhythm. This helps you bring back your natural cycles to stimulate homeostasis. When your body is balanced, you can heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • Tuning forks may help to repair your DNA structure by creating vibrations that are in rhythm with your spinal cord. When your spine is in harmony, the right cells are created to promote health.
  • Helps to distribute Qi in your body, by uniting different body energies. When your Qi is activated, energy flows freely inside your body to promote healing.
  • Improving the healing of strained muscles and tendons and increasing bone density.
  • Assist in bringing your nervous system into balance.
  • Integrating your left and right brain for clearer thinking.

Initial Consultation $145 To make a booking please visit:

A special pack of 4 sessions is available. To make a booking please visit:

About an individual Sound Healing session:

In an individual session, I work with the bowls both on and off the body. The bowls are placed on and around the chakra systems, balancing each chakra. You will hear the beautiful notes of the Tibetan Singing bowls and feel their vibrations entering your body. In particular, nourishing and nurturing the heart center is of the utmost benefit. A session is approximately an hour, whereby you will experience relaxation for rejuvenation and regeneration. You can also advise me to know if there is a particular challenge you may wish to work on.

For further information please email Melody@AboveAllHealing.com.au or phone 0418 776229.