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In this 2-Day Practitioner Course, you will gain an appreciation of the essential principles of Sound Healing and the confidence to apply this knowledge by conducting Sound Healing sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, and Tuning Forks. This course has been described as a true Master Practitioner Course.

Melody’s 2-day Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Course –

Who will benefit from joining this – Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course For expanding your existing talents as an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation teacher, Massage Therapists, or Alternative Health Practitioner … if you are interested in enhancing your skills and transforming your energy abilities, are committed to self-development, and assisting others with the utmost integrity. You will learn from Melody, an experienced International Sound Healing Master/Teacher.

What you will learn in Melody’s 2-day Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Course

• Achieve enhanced self-confidence, creativeness, and entrepreneurial skills.

Day 1: Discovering the Power of Sound

 Begin your journey into the world of sound healing with a warm welcome, followed by a brief introduction to the ancient art of sound healing. Discover the science behind sound frequencies and how they impact our bodies and minds.

Bring Harmony into Your Life

Find Personal Balance

Use sound healing techniques to find balance in your own life, reduce stress, and connect with a deeper sense of inner peace.

Mastering Your Craft

Under the guidance of Melody, you’ll practice various techniques to create harmony and balance. Learn how to strike, rub, and layer sounds to evoke specific emotions and states of consciousness. You’ll also discover how to customize sessions for individual needs and preferences.

Immersive Experience with Tibetan Bowls

Let the soothing tones of Tibetan singing bowls envelop you as you learn about their history and significance. You’ll get to play these sacred instruments, feeling the vibrations resonate through your hands and into your soul. Experiment with various techniques to create your unique sound with

aura clearing, room clearing, chakra clearing, and more.

Crystal Bowls: A Symphony of Light and Sound

Be dazzled by the ethereal beauty of crystal singing bowls. Each bowl creates a distinct frequency, offering a unique experience. You’ll have the chance to play these mesmerizing instruments, exploring their connection to the chakras and energy fields.

Discover the Power of Sonic Alchemy

Experience the Magic of Sound

Embark on a Transformational Journey with Sound Baths. Step into a world where sound transcends the ordinary, guiding you into realms of deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Learning the art of a sound bath is like discovering a new language—a language of frequencies, vibrations, and harmonious waves that resonate with the very essence of your being.

Each sound bath is a unique tapestry of tones and frequencies. You’ll learn how to use these frequencies to align energy centers, soothe the nervous system, and create a sense of profound tranquillity. Discover how certain notes can uplift the spirit while others ground the soul.

As a sound bath practitioner, you’ll harness the ancient wisdom of sacred instruments like Tibetan singing bowls, and crystal bowls. Feel the vibrations as they ripple through the air, creating a cocoon of sonic bliss.

Learn how to conduct and participate in a deeply relaxing sound bath, where Tibetan and crystal bowls harmonize to create a transcendent experience. Let go of stress and immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation.

Day 2: Mastering the Art of Sound Healing

Awakening with Tuning Forks

Start the day with the gentle sounds of tuning forks. Learn about the various frequencies and how they can balance your body’s energy centers. You’ll practice using tuning forks on yourself and others, discovering their subtle yet profound effects.

Creating Your Unique Sound Healing Session

 With expert guidance, design your own sound healing session. Combine the soothing tones of Tibetan bowls, the crystalline resonance of crystal bowls, and the gentle vibrations of tuning forks to create a transformative experience. Share and refine your session with other participants.

Farewell Group Sound Healing Experience

Conclude the course with a final group sound healing session, where all participants come together to create a symphony of healing sounds. Reflect on the journey, share your experiences, and take with you a sense of rejuvenation and harmony.

Join a Community of Sound Healers

 As you progress, you’ll connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for sound healing. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and continue to grow in your craft.

This immersive training promises to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired, and eager to continue exploring the transformative power of sound healing.

You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught during the course. Requirements: To receive a certificate all students are required to attend 100% of the course.

What you will gain after completing this – Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course A certificate of completion, acknowledging your commitment, competence, qualification, and skill to be an inspirational and creative ‘Sound Healing Practitioner’. Accreditation: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing. The certificate issuer is internationally recognized. Tibetan Singing Bowls are supplied during the course.

Presenter: Melody Bass – International Sound Healer Teacher/Trainer Venue:

A beautiful, relaxing venue, located at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia Regular Course Price $795 Early Bird Price: $595 Options: ($150 Deposit required to hold your place – balance paid by arrangement) Deposits are non-refundable Limited places available: Bookings are essential – email to check availability: Melody@AboveAllHealing.com.au

… or for more info: phone Melody on 0418776229

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  • Under 18 years of age.
  •  Unmedicated /unmanaged mental conditions, such as bipolar disorder.
  • Alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Severe depression and anxiety.
  • For major health conditions, a medical certificate is required.
  • Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.