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By using regularly, my healing meditations will promote self-healing, bring you into balance, helping you to be more centered and relaxed.

You can listen using the computer, or an Mp3 and play with headphones any time and as many times you choose.

My meditations are filled with healing light and energy channeling. Please let an intention to receive the healing, and to give yourself permission to relax, open and receive allowing yourself to benefit greatly. Each meditation is different, depending on what you feel you need. The more you listen to them, the deeper you go, and the more healing you will receive. You may need to make some space for yourself after the meditation if emotions come up.

Please don’t listen when you are operating machinery or driving a car, on a bike. For these meditations to reach their full potential, please be in a quiet space, where you will not be disturbed.  Thank you, kindness and love, Melody

Calming Anxiety Mindfulness Meditation

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Relaxation for Self-Awareness

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Nervous System Balance & Wellbeing

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Stress-Buster Mindfulness Meditation

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