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  • Melody’s Sound Healing now offers a One day Tibetan Singing Bowl for Self Healing Workshop
  • This Workshop, ideal for helping self, family, and friends.
  • This is an amazing introduction to working with the healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls!
  • Learn self-healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls and Healing Sounds.
  • You will learn striking, rubbing, rotating half moon, full moon, creating gaps between each sound, healing sounds with singing bowls, and using water with singing bowls.
  • Learn the art of Space Clearing and Grounding together a unique combination, and much more!
  • If you choose to continue with the Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training a discount will be applied,
  • Friday 10th July 2021 for further information please – click here –
  • For bookings  click here

What You Will Learn: Tibetan Singing Bowl 3 Day Practitioner Training 

  • You will learn the fundamentals of Tibetan sound healing, vibrational sound healing, the types & history of Tibetan singing bowls, and the background & importance of Tibetan Singing Bowls in sound healing therapy.
  • You will learn how to play the various types of Tibetan singing bowls and how the different types of bowls have different benefits on the mind, body, and spirit.
  • You will learn the different techniques for giving sound & vibration healing with the Tibetan singing bowls. (For example – striking, rubbing, rotating half moon, full moon, creating gaps between each sound, singing with singing bowls, and using water with singing bowls).
  • You will learn how to create sounds & vibration in each of the Seven Chakras using the Tibetan Singing Bowls.
  • You will learn the Tibetan Eastern Method Versus the Western Method of full sessions.
  • You will learn how to give a Full Body Therapeutic Sound Bath Healing Session with just a few bowls or with all seven chakra Tibetan singing bowls.
  • You will learn how to give sound & vibration healing sessions, using various techniques such as body contact and sound baths.
  • You will learn how to work with both small and large groups making them more relaxed and receptive by combining sound healing meditation techniques to lead them into the Group Sound Healing,
  • You will learn how to combine Tibetan singing bowl healing therapy with Sound Meditation, and other alternative healing modalities.
  • Learn the foundations for giving a session from the Sound healing Master. Learn traditional sound healing techniques to determine the most effective duration of your sessions.
  • You will learn how to combine mantra sound Meditations with Tibetan Singing Bowls to give deep therapeutic healing sessions.
  • You will learn how to direct more attention to healing a specific body part to work with clients on an energetic level, targeting specific chakras.
  • You will learn how to improve your communication skills and intuition to become an insightful sound healer to guide spiritual seekers on their way to health and well-being.

The benefits of sound healing using ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls are extremely profound and alters the state of consciousness for rapid transformation. Sound Healing penetrates the body at the cellular level creating transformation by allowing for the dissipation of stuck energies, also opening the energetic pathways for healing and regeneration for restoring balance and harmony with nourishing and nurturing vibrations.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Course – 3 Days of Sound Immersion for Transformation

Saturday, Sunday & Monday 16th, 17th & 18th July 2021

Deposit of $100 balance paid at registration, $695 full price including Early Bird Extension, normally $750

Who will benefit from joining the Tibetan Sound Healing Practitioner Course?

  • You are a music lover and believe that harmony of sounds can bring physical, mental peace to peoples’ life.
  • You are looking for natural unconventional ways to cure physical diseases and mental disorders.
  • Sound Healing Course will get you equipped with tools to improve health. Especially if you are a yoga meditation teacher or healer, this training will help you to get your own practice to a higher level and enrich it with the techniques you will enjoy.
  • For further information please – click here –  
      For bookings  click here
Melody also offers a Tibetan Singing Bowl Private Tuition One-On-One Course ~
 a pre-booking early bird discount will be applied.  
To schedule dates for Private Tuition please email Melody@aboveallhealing.com.au – 
Full Price pleaseclick here

Private Consultations are available: please – click here

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Self Responsibility & Caution: 

Please read before booking – see below

* Please arrive on time so as not to disturb the class.

* The class is for ADULTS only, over 18 years of age

*- Not advisable during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy

* If you have a pre-existing illness or metal implants please consult your General Practitioner before attending the course.

* If you have a history of psychiatric disorders, please consult your General Practitioner before attending the course.

* This is not a diagnostic treatment procedure.

* No claims for the curing of any illness is made.

Melody offers an extensive range of Tibetan-Sound-Healing-Bowls. These are hand-made, many with inlaid-mantras. When played, they produce enchanting harmonic and healing sound vibrations, which are ideal for the likes of chakra balancing, energy healing modalities, and generally for enhancing well-being. Whilst these hand-made bowls are being made, chanting occurs throughout the making, enhancing the healing vibrations of the bowl when played.

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