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Enjoy your Sound Healing Session in the privacy of your own home with Melody.

healing with sound

Each session is through Zoom with full audio replay so you can listen to any time.

Sound Healing sessions consist of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Drumming, and whatever is required for each personal session. The session time is 45 minutes.

Meditation Lessons and Sessions are also available online.

Learn the art of Meditation – Active – Passive – Mindfulness Meditation, primordial sound meditation is a form of transcendental meditation that has its origins in the Vedic traditions of India.

Sessions to choose from or specific requirements :

Nervous System Balance and Well-Being… Motivation… Increasing Creativity…Life Direction… Calming Anxiety… Quality Sleep… Digestive Balance… Loss/Grief with overthinking… Loss/Grief with Anger… Grounding… Chakra Balancing… Sound Bath…

Fill out the form below with your details briefly describing what you wish to gain from your Sound Healing Session. I will email available times to choose from.

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