Melody is one of the most respected intuitive energy healers in Queensland, also known as an Energy Alchemist. Melody has helped hundreds of people like you with their physical and emotional challenges through the use of energy healing techniques. The focus on harmonizing your body through the use of sound brings all of her skills and experiences together to provide a truly mesmerizing form of meditation and relaxation.

With Melody, this ability is not only intuitive; it is a gift that is both rare and precious, and one that she openly will share with you.

Melody has revealed to literally hundreds of her clients the fact that alternative healing and teachings are both unique and unspoiled concepts. However, individual willingness is the key. You must be open and willing to participate in your healing/teaching with Melody. When you do that, you’ll find yourself transported to a wonderful place that will forever remain open to you. And that place is the source of all true transformation.

Melody is described by her many clients and students as an extraordinary, caring, loving, compassionate being with a warm, passionate, spontaneous, jovial humor, always enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring and infectiously motivating, encouraging, expanding and exploring new levels of concentration, clarity and awareness, Melody opens the door to that source and hence, enables each of us to successfully confront situations and events that seemingly are beyond our control.

Melody is able to facilitate the following:

Tapping into your natural talents and abilities, as well as creating a unique environment of personal harmony and balance. Her reassuring, practiced guidance will cleanse your thoughts, accentuating an expanded wisdom and understanding. Your inherent ability to find answers to obstacles that plague you will be the positive result. You will experience serenity – an enhanced spiritual growth that will lovingly touch every dimension of your life. Melody is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.