How can the Tibetan Singing Bowls Help Me?

Tibetan bowls are an ultimate source for achieving a state of deep relaxation. After a long, stressful day, the sounds and vibrations from the singing bowls can take you to immensely relaxing state, both mental and physical, which is an excellent alternative to the modern medicines.

The best thing about the singing bowls is that you don‘t need a healer every time you need to relax. You can play for yourself and just a half an hour long session would be enough to get the desired results. Here‘s how you can achieve that:

Lay down on a comfortable surface, preferably a thick mattress on the ground. If you don‘t have access to a mattress, you can use a yoga mattress or any mat which keeps you off the hard ground. Place the bowl on your chest and strike it softly with a mallet. Use a soft mallet, if you are using a big bowl. Lower sounds are good for the start. The bass produced through the big bowls bring instant peace to mind. You will feel the vibrations spreading all across your body, resonating through your chest to every part of the body. These vibrations will massage your body internally and relax your stiff muscles. Your ears will bring those vibrations straight to your brain and hence bring it to the relaxed state. You can keep a cushion under your head, in case the bowl isn‘t appropriately rested on your chest. You can make adjustments accordingly.

Think of the sounds and vibrations originating from the bowl as an ocean of sound and you will start riding those sounds waves as you close your eyes. You can keep changing the position of the bowl from your chest to your belly to control the motion and range of the sound vibrations. You can even lay down on your belly and keep the bowl on your lower back and try to strike it softly. It might not be comfortable at first, but once you are in the ―zone, you will feel the effects instantly.

The cell is the most basic unit of the body. The most straightforward way of communicating with the cells is vibration as it causes a strong resonance in them. When the sound is extracted from a Singing Bowl placed on top of the body, the Sound transmitted causes the cells to vibrate. This happens because the body consists of 70% water, which is a great conductor of Sound waves. The Sound waves spread, as the ripples on a lake surface from a stone dropped in it, into larger and larger circles penetrating through blood, flesh, organs and even bones, relaxing, harmonising and energising them. This is stimulation for all the cells of the body.

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