Melodys Sound Healing Success Stories – Hear about ‘Success Stories’ from Melodys Sound Healing … with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gongs, Bells and Vocal Tones … for stress, fatigue – relaxation, spiritual awakening and much more.

“Thanks for a lovely weekend¬†it was magical ūüíēūüĆļand thank you for sharing your wisdom, I love interacting with¬† wise women in life. A great course that gives a great understanding of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and a few laughs thrown in”.

Diane РMudgeeraba 

“Melodys Sound Healing Course is one which covers many modalities and incorporates all into one with simplicity and profundity, thank you, how does it get any better than this?”

Aknes – Gold Coast

“Melodys Sound Healing is a beautiful healing to learn. I liked that for the first day we had no manual, it really helped me get out of my head. I highly recommend this course”.

Brooke Bird – Ipswich

“I¬†am so grateful that I was able to do the Sound Healing Practitioner with Melody.¬† Melody has such grace and so much knowledge, the learning space is ambient and peaceful and you gain so much knowledge on such a sacred practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to deepen their knowledge and practice.”¬†
Chantelle РSunshine Coast 

“I highly recommend immersing yourself in the Tibetan Singing Bowl Course. I feel truly blessed with the wisdom and knowledge that Melody so willingly and lovingly shared with me.¬† It was such an uplifting experience, I am keen to learn and discover more of this most magical Sound Healing.”¬†
Kylie РMudgeeraba 

“With Excellent training in Sound Healing, 5 stars, I have spent my last weekend learning Sound Healing for Family and Friends. I went in completely green and came home with a treasure trove of information, both in my head and in my manual provided by Melody.¬† It was such an interesting training and Melody’s knowledge and experience, combined with her organisation of the course made for a fun and life enriching experience.¬† Melody was able to provide detailed information about the subject and had patience and resilience over the two days of the course. Melody is both approachable and warm in her approach to teaching. I have no hesitation in recommending this course. You will gain much valuable information and experience which can be used to enrich your life
Nicola – Brisbane

“With your amazing gift I have received from you I feel clear and your work you did on my soul and my heart I feel centered and feel a great connection with the now and connected with my body … THANK YOU … also I would like permission to refer other deserving people to your healing energy,¬† sending to you all the amazing healing light for you … just sharing with you how wonderful the healing feels”
cheers, Vicki Carson

“Experiencing the Sound Healing with Melody has helped me let go of wanting to control. During my healing sessions, I am so much more intuitive, raising to a higher level of consciousness and breaking through patterns and programmes, physically, mentally and emotionally and my creativity has opened up so much, allowing me to access my talents and abilities.

Being a big thinker, Sound Healing and Coaching has been the greatest benefit to my life. Melody utilizes, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls , Tuning Forks and a vast array of sound tools, this has really has helped me balance the right and left hemispheres of my brain.”
D. Learmonth ‚Äď Gold Coast

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“Through the last few months Melody taught me so much I will be eternally grateful for. Thanks to Melody I found my truth purpose on earth and she guided me into the right direction. She introduced me to the beautiful magic of tibetan sound bowls and I have never experienced anything stronger. Thank you Melody for being such a magical person!”

Endless Love,