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Instant Benefits of Humming Daily

Humming. Maybe you already hum to yourself. Have you ever wondered why you do it? It’s because it feels good! Try varying the volume and pitch and notice the effect it has. Rather than humming a song, try humming one long tone. Singing and humming to yourself could be enhancing your health. The human voice...

The Meditative Path to Building Your Confidence

You probably know that meditation is an effective way to relax, but it can be used for many other purposes too. If you’re trying to build your confidence, a daily mindfulness practice may help, Self-confidence is one of the most important ingredients for your happiness and success. It makes you feel more motivated and energetic....

Enter Your Inner World Thru The Art of Meditation

Melody’s Meditations consists of a variety of Techniques, including Passive Guided Meditations, Active Dynamic Meditations, Happiness Bliss Mindfulness Meditations, Seven Chakra Healing Meditations, Ancient Group Rituals Meditation Techniques, Heart-Centered Meditations and Dance Meditations.  To book with Melody please email: Melody@aboveallhealing.com.au  Visit: www.MelodysSoundHealing.com