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How Tibetan Singing Bowls Create Heart Chakra Healing

What Happens When Your Heart Chakra is Open?• Harmonious relationships.• Giving and receiving love is natural and flowing.• Gratitude exudes through your entire being.• Compassion is a natural state.• Self Love•Self Acceptance• It gives you nurturing.• Easily resolve conflicts• Judgements and resentment dissolves• Forgiveness for self and others when the heart chakra is open.To learn...

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient system that stretches back to the far reaches of human history. Humanity’s belief in sound as a creative force is as old as time. Creation myths stretch across the world and although their stories may differ, what often binds them together is the theme of therapeutic sound. In ancient Indian...

Agni Chakra known as third eye vocal tones

To support those interested in vocal toning with Sound Healing for Chakras. Over the past six days I have shared info on each chakra. If you have missed any please let me know and I will forward them on, kindness and love, Melody 

Muladhara Base Chakra Sound for Healing

Release fears and uncertainly by repeating the “uuh” sound focusing on the base of your spine, visualizing the color redas you surrender the exhalation breathing out any feelings ofinsecurity, uncertainty, fear of the future. For further information: Please visit: www.MelodysSoundHealing.com

Mantras For Chakras

In Anatomy of the Spirit (1996), Caroline Myss describes the function of chakras as follows: “Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells…”.[80] The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the spine to the top of the head.  In...

How Vocal Sounds Can Alleviate Fear and Anxiety

How Vocal Toning Can Help Elliviate Fear, Anxiety and Uncertainty. Take a moment to center yourself, take a few breaths and begin to be aware of your surroundings and yourself within them. Focus on your breath. Close your eyes and mouth and start humming on a low pitch, feel the sound resonate within you. Spend...

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