Imagine entering a quiet room. As you enter, you see a beautiful shiny metallic bowl sitting in the middle of the room. You sit down on the floor as you watch that elegant and mysterious piece of metal. The surface is shiny and textured, and it is reflecting the light from the candle burning not very far from the bowl.

 You come closer out of curiosity and notice a wooden mallet lying next to the bowl. You pick up the mallet and gently stroke the bowl, and suddenly the room gets filled up with the magical sound of a chime. You feel nothing but amusement towards the beauty of the sound that originated through that mysterious metallic bowl.

You strike it again and then rotate the mallet around the rim. The whole room gets filled with these sound vibrations, and you feel exhilarated to be creating all these sound effects all by yourself using nothing but a metallic bowl and a wooden stick.

This pulsating sound gives you a feeling of relaxation, and you feel happy like a child for a moment there. The room starts to feel like it‘s filled with love and those low vibrations are shaking everything from floor to walls and you can‘t help but feel those vibrations inside your body as well. It‘s like you are absorbing all that positive energy created through the sound produced by that singing bowl and you are losing yourself to it.

You feel at peace and in harmony with yourself, and you want to merge into that sound that you created. You close your eyes and feel that sound vibrating through every cell and tissue of your body. You are spinning and surrounded by the sound. You are slowly turning into that sound and feeling blessed with the energy all around you. You feel pure. Such is the beauty of singing bowls. They are tuned in such a precise way that the resulting vibration patterns fill up the person with positivity and remove all kinds of negativity.

These handcrafted items are unique in every manner and fact; no two singing bowls are the same! The forging process, the love put in by their maker, and the quality of the metal and their composition – everything adds up to make a unique singing bowl with its unique sonic quality and specific harmonic resonance with a unique set of tones.

The quality of the sound and resonance depends on the craftsmanship of the maker – their ability to perceive sounds, ability to hear different tones, and the quality of metal used. The tones produced by the singing bowls are the waveforms of energy.

The oscillating waves interact with our brain and create a sense of awareness along with deep relaxation. It is like an internal massaging of body tissues and cells. The nervous system responds. Positively to these sound waves as they are the purest form of energy. The vibration patterns produced in our brain because of these sound waves help our mind become more focused and concentrated.

These pure frequencies produced by singing bowls are sacred in every way. They invoke peace and calmness in our mind which helps it to release tension and reduce stress. They create a sense of relaxation and a desire for well-being. That‘s the reason why these singing bowls are used for meditation and spiritual practices. If combined with other alternative healing practices like Reiki, they can do wonders for making a person feel better. They help a person unify, focus and bring their morale up.

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