Sound, the energy of Creation In ancient times the therapeutic quality of sound was well known. The vibration of sound has such a pivotal role in the ancient thought that its nature is likened to that of the universe itself.

The use of sound vibration is one of the most ancient methods to maintain or transform the level of consciousness so as to obtain balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Sound travels through water around four times faster than through air and our bodies are made of a high percentage of water. Sound has the potential to change the molecular structure of water so it can have a tremendous effect on the water in our bodies. Considering that water is a lifeform capable of storing memory, the implications are very vast.

Sound travels very well also through our bones. We use our bones to amplify the sound of our voice generated by the vocal cords, which otherwise would be very faint. Our overall makeup is very sensitive to sound, making the use of sound for healing purposes a powerful tool.

This primordial aspect of sound is also reflected in the human psyche: our first sensory experience of perception has to do with sound, hearing is being the first sense developed by the human fetus.

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