Benefits of Sound or Mantra Meditation

Benefits of Sound or Mantra Meditation:
 Sounds and mantras create a vibration from deep within ourselves,
 Creating awareness and promoting a sense of purity within.
 The Vedic mantras and sounds can take you to a deep state of relaxation and serenity.
 The sounds and mantras interchange the unfavorable energy surrounding us for favorable energy promoting wellness within.
 The uninterrupted use of sounds and mantras have known to create a
 The positive attitude within us. It also promoted compassionate and empathetic
 Feelings towards others.
 The sounds and mantras join the body, mind, and soul.
 The intensity of the sounds and vibrations emanating from our self-reaches the deepest levels of our physical body and subconscious mind. The healing this happens at the root level of our troubles.
 Voicing sounds and mantras help to increase focus, concentration and
 Balance within ourselves.
 The vibration from the sounds and mantras are very uplifting. There is an
 Increase in self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-respect.
 The sounds and mantras are also known to untangling the questionable loops in our minds, giving us the freedom and clarity to make sound decisions.
 The sounds and vibration emanating bring a sense of calm in our being. They can thus improve the quality of sleep or cure insomnia.
 The sounds and mantras also enhance our creativity, imagination also intuition.
 The sounds and mantras bring us out of a trapped space, releasing us from anxiety or depression.
 The profound essence of the sounds and mantras help to maintain a balance between pain and pleasure.
 Chanting sounds and mantras are re-energizing and refreshing.

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