Understanding Fear and the Root Chakra

Understanding Fear and the Root Chakra
If you are feeling lots of fear, you are likely energetically weak in the root chakra. The root chakra is the 1st energy center located near your pubic bone with a whirlpool of energy that travels down between your legs, toward the Earth. It is the foundation of all the other chakras and the proper functioning of this energy field is vital to good health and mental stability.
1st Chakra – The Root Chakra Muladhara (Sanskrit: meaning). “root and basis of Existence.”
Sanskrit is known to be the oldest language in the world, approximately 5,000 years.
MULADHARA “THE NEED FOR SURVIVAL”. This is the foundation for physical survival; primary emotion is ‘Fear’. Located at the base of the spine, it relates to the Mineral Kingdom and relates to potential. It’s the primal ‘fight or flight’ Centre for safety in the physical manifest world. Color is Red.
It is very empowering to use the Sanskrit name as it focuses the energy on the root chakra for grounding which is vitally important when one is experiencing fear. Focus your awareness on your Root Chakra, repeating the name Muladhara and imagining a red wheel spinning and clearing the energy, walking on the grass each day connecting with the earth is highly beneficial and soaking your feet in warm saltwater.

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