3 Day Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training Immersion

Join a 3 Day Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner Training Immersion – Fri, Sat & Sun 7th, 8th, 9th February 2020!

Bookings are essential as small groups only for Master Training – Early Bird Discount Applies

Experience for yourself the Healing Power of Sound!

Melody now offers you an exciting 3 Day course, creatively designed to learn the art of Sound and Vibrational Healing.
In this 3 Day intensive Sound Immersion Training Course you will gain an appreciation of the essential principles of Sound Healing and also the confidence of applying this knowledge with conducting private one on one Sound Healing sessions with Tibetan Singing Bowls. This course has been described as a true Master Practitioner Training Course.

Melody’s 3 day intensive Sound Immersion Practitioner Training Course –

Who will benefit from joining this Tibetan Singing Bowls – Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course?
This course is ideal for expanding your existing talents as an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioners, Yoga & Meditation teachers, Massage Therapists, Alternative Health Practitioners … and if you are interested in enhancing your skills and transforming your energy abilities, are committed to self-development and assisting others with the utmost integrity and if your are willing to learn from Melody who is an experienced International Sound Healing Master/Teacher

What you will learn in this Tibetan Singing Bowls – Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course
• The Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl Method for a complete Healing Session
• The essentials of Tibetan Sound Healing, benefits of vibrational sound healing, mudras and mantras.
• How to play the various types of Tibetan Singing Bowls to be beneficial on all levels.
• How to facilitate the Seven Chakra Transformation Meditation using the Tibetan Singing Bowls
• How to facilitate Tibetan Singing Bowl sessions.
• How to clear and balance the Chakra System.
• How to present Sound Bath Healing Sessions.
• Learn the art of Sound Meditation Sessions, and so much more!
• Gain a profound appreciation and skills to transform your life in a creative and dynamic way.
• Gain confidence to practice Tibetan Singing Bowls, Chakra Healings and mantra sound healing private sessions.
• The experience of different sound healing meditation techniques and understanding of their application.
• Achieve enhanced self-confidence, creativeness and entrepreneurial skills.

During the course there will be some gentle warm-up exercises and a sound bath meditation. You will have the
opportunity to practice the techniques taught during the course.
Requirements: To receive a certificate all students are required to attend 100% of the course and to pass practical and theoretical exams, ensuring all learnings have been mastered.

What you will gain after completing this Tibetan Singing Bowls – Sound Healing Practitioner Training Course
A certificate of completion, acknowledging your commitment, competence, qualification and skill to be an inspirational and creative ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing Practitioner’. Accreditation: International Academy of Sacred Sound Healing. Certificate issuer internationally recognised.

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