Tune Your-Self Up

Tune Your-Self Up

Sounds Wonderful

Sound Healing can have many wonderful applications. Just like tuning a piano, your body too can be tuned to achieve optimal physical balance. Listen up and here we’ll discuss ways that ‘Sound Healing’ could best resonate with you to create better harmony in your life.

How ‘Sound Healing’ works

If you’ve ever questioned how ‘Sound Healing’ works, consider this. You may have heard how a specific sound frequency can chatter glass.  Does that ring a bell? Well tune into this. Just using the same principle, tapping two tuning forks instantaneously can also have an influence upon your physical body’. Sound can alter our body’s biochemistry and bring your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmonic balance. In merely seconds, your body enters a deeper state of relaxation. Whilst in this zone, feeling centered, your mind will be at peace and magic happens.

We need to ask, why are so many people using ‘sound Healing’? It’s for it’s wonderful relaxation, a sense of harmony, balance, calm and being centered. So just how do we practice ‘Sound Healing’. The answer is that there’s several ways. Mostly with ‘Tuning Forks’, ‘Singing Bowls’, ‘Gongs & Bells’ and our ‘Vocal Tones’. Let’s reflect upon these a bit deeper, now.

Tuning Forks

It’s been said how wonderfully relaxing tuning forks can be. So many people say how it induces an almost instantaneous deep state of relaxation. Along with this, it seems to help improve mental clarity. As crazy as it may sound, this also seems to help increases our physical energy. You may say, a sort of ‘tune-up’. It’s amazing how such a wonderful session with ‘tuning forks’ can help to draw us into a more centered space, hence helping to relieve stress.

How Tuning Forks Are Used

Sound Healing with ‘tuning forks’ seems to also help us to tune in, not only to the sweet tones, but also into our body. It seems that by drawing our focus into the harmonic sounds and our body responses, it helps us to develop and refine our sonic abilities. It’s been reported how these harmonic tones can help to bring our nervous system into balance and integrate the left and right hemispheres of our brain. Hence, it can also help to balance our thoughts and allow our mind and body to be in greater harmony. It’s said that sound healing with ‘tuning forks’ is like a sonic massage. It makes sense how ‘tuning forks’ can also enhance modalities such as massage and acupressure. It’s also great to work with the likes of dream-work and meditation too.

Energy Balancing

Most people know that ‘tuning forks’ were originally, mostly used to tune musical instruments like a guitar, etc. It’s because they emanate such a perfect sine wave sound pattern that they allow you to tune these musical instruments to the proper pitch.What actually happens is that as we strike a tuning fork, it causes the air around the fork to vibrate, sending out a resonance through the air. Because of this impulse phenomenon, ‘tuning forks’ have been used by many healers. Especially, they’re used in energy healing practices. As an example, by striking a’ tuning fork’ and holding them in the vicinity of specific ‘chakra’ energy centers or ‘acu-points’. It just so happens that these energy centers are also where the nerve centers are found. With this, sound impulses are relayed to the associated organs. Hence by energizing these areas, the related organs and systems our our body celebrate. It simply makes sense, that with this atunement greater health-giving activity is induced.


History tells us how for many centuries, the Tibetans have practiced the magic of sound healing with ‘Singing Bowls’. Their origins are said to be in the areas surrounding of the Himalayan Mountains. The Tibetans have embraced these practices for the attainment of higher consciousness. It’s now well known  how the magic sounds of the ‘Tibetan Singing Bowls’ can enhance consciousness transformation. ‘Singing bowls’ may be regarded as a musical instrument, however with very reverent and mystical transformational powers.

‘Singing Bowls’ are hand-crafted from a complex mix of specific metals. Each bowl is considered to be an art form. When played, the resonance produced by them is truly magical. It makes perfect sense how how these beautiful, pure resonances have such a profound influence upon us. It’s been reported how the western scientific community has been impressed by their apparent results. Many have claimed how, indeed how the bowls seem to induce a state of deep relaxation. With this, stress dissipates and there comes a such a tremendous degree of deep healing. There’s been reports such as a ‘profound sense of inner calm’ and expressions such as ‘a true experience of deep inner healing’.

Gongs and Bells

Sound Therapy typically also uses the power of ‘Gongs and Bells’. You can feel the magic resonance of a ‘Gong’ vibrate within you. It seems to somehow move you. You can feel it . The deep resonance of a ‘Gong’ seems to facilitate an observation of your inner self. It allows you to get in touch with internal emotional issues. As absurd as it may sound, this is without having to consciously rationalise any of it. It seems to facilitate an inner journey, a retreat away from the distractions of the outside world. So often, there’s thought processes chatting away in our subconscious mind that we are not even aware of. It seems that ‘Sound Healing’ helps us to connect with our inner dialogue. Connecting to these subconscious thoughts with sounds can be very freeing. It can be like having a long hard talk with our-self. With listening and communication comes greater acknowledgment, understanding, awareness and consciousness. This is know to be the key for change  … changing our life for the better.

Vocal Tones 

We all know how freeing it can feel to get something ‘off our chest’ … so to speak.  Expression is a wonderful thing.  Vocal expression can give as a sense of freedom and healing. Allowing yourself to express ‘healing tones’ is a wonderful way of releasing your emotional issues, fears and limitations. Also, being bathed in ‘healing tones’ can feel like a very cleansing experience.  As a result, you may feel relieved and reconnected to your true self. Expressing yourself through your voice and to be heard can feel so empowering. Also, it can be such a powerful way to help make greater contributions to the world.

Get-Set for Your Tune-Up

At some time in your life, you most probably have heard of a song that somehow moved you, emotionally or inspired you somehow. Sound healing, either by ‘tuning forks’, ‘singing bowls, ‘Gongs and Bells’ or ‘Vocal Tones’ can help to make a tremendous difference in your path of awakening awareness and your transformational journey.

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