Enjoy the Benefits of Sound Healing

Enjoy the Benefits of Sound Healing

It’s been said that sound healing is one of the most enjoyable modalities. It’s so relaxing, pleasurable and a sensual experience. That’s maybe why its also a great way to enhance our-self well-being.

Resolving Conflict

It could be said that most of our health problems are due to one main reason. To say it in very simple terms, it’s because our head is thinking one thing while our body is experiencing something else. In general terms we’re usually focused with thinking more-so about the future whereas our body dwells more in the past.

Sadly, most people suffer conflict between their thoughts and feelings. Hence, there’s conflict and disharmony between our head and body. The opposing mind and body are playing different tunes and they clash. Therefore, there’s incongruency and dissonance between our inner and outer worlds. Hence, in so many ways there’s a discordant rippling effect with an array of disharmonious consequences in many areas of our life.

There are times when we may feel more challenged than others. You may be feeling drained from day-to-day work chores. Maybe obligations have left you frazzled and tired, your nerves feel frayed or feeling out of sorts.

The Power of Resonance

Most people suffer cognitive dissonance in many areas of their life. Dissonance is generally acknowledged as the stress of simultaneously holding contradictory thoughts, ideas, beliefs, values, etc. Many of our beliefs are like a recording of what we’ve been hearing time and time again. Maybe we’ve held a belief about a specific issue, yet we’re also listening to other opposing inner voices chatting away in our head. Consequently, we’re experiencing conflict.

Most people in many ways either suppress or somehow express these inner conflicts. When we try our best to suppress our frustrations, we become stressed, suffer an array of symptoms such as discomfort, pain, fatigue, sensitivities … and the list goes on. However, it only takes time until stress gets too much and overwhelming. It’s often then, when the problem climaxes, that most people express their frustrations in inappropriate ways. More-so, this creates much more conflict and stress in the many various areas of our life. As a result, eventually as stress wears you down, you may feel a bit flat. You may feel like you need a a way for a tune-up to get back into the land of the living.

Vishuddhi Chakra

We could look that we have two systems, being our head and our body. And, interestingly our neck connects the two aspects of our being. Sound healing is a way of bringing our mind and body together. In the ancient eastern teachings, it’s said that the throat and neck area is our fifth chakra. This chakra is called the ‘Vishuddhi’ chakra according to the language of yoga. This ancient yoga teachings has it’s origins in ‘Sanskrit’. Sanskrit is very special. It’s said to be our origional language. It’s deeply rooted in ancient tradition with profound insights for self-growth and healing.

The Vishuddhi chakra is said to be about our expression. It’s synonymous with communication, dialoguing, listening and translation.It’s about listening to our inner self and expressing who we truly are to the world. By listening within, hearing the wisdom of our body we may learn how to be more in harmony. The basic philosophy of ‘Yoga’ is to bring the mind and body together. The vishuddi chakra is about providing that vital connection. The vishuddi chakra correlates to sound. The benefits of using sound for healing can be immense.

The Art of Sound Healing

One aspect of sound healing is using our vocal tones. The advantage of using our voice is that its free and very versatile as we can take our voice anywhere with us. Other aspects of sound healing is using instruments. Tibetan sound healing uses traditional tools as ‘Sound Bowls’, ‘Gongs’, ‘Bells’ and more. Each has a long history as an art form. Everything is resonance. Resonance is about the frequency of a vibration. In essence, from harmonious oscillations comes vibrational energy which brings us good vitality. However, if there’s dissonance, there’s disharmony and discordance. There will be imbalance, incongruity, disparity, tension, and a clash with tension.

In essence, we may say that sound healing is about creating good vibrations. It brings good vibrations through acoustic resonance. Acoustic resonance brings not only pleasure to our sense of hearing, but also our nervous system, our physiology, mind and emotions. This also brings us more in harmony with the world around us.

Our whole world has an array of natural cycles. These resonate with various specific oscillations that align with other correlated natural frequencies. As we align with these we become in harmony with nature. As we are a part of nature, this also aligns us to the very nature of our-self. As we get upset, these emotions may cause unbalanced frequencies.
Sound healing can help realign us and heal these dis-resonant frequencies.

Natural Healing Sounds

Sound is innate in all of us all. We use sound for enjoyment with entertainment, celebration and communication.
In this sense, we can use sound with resolving our conflicts for healing. The benefits of sound healing has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It’s been practices by many different cultures in many different ways. If we tune-in we’ll hear how in so many ways, many different sounds has different effects upon us.

Enjoy the benefits of Melodys Sound Healing Gold Coast. Discover an enjoyable way to restore your well-being through harmonic sound vibrations you will both hear and feel. Tune-into the soothing tones emanating through-out your whole being. As you embrace the tones, feel your spirit being uplifted.

… enjoy the benefits of Melodys Sound Healing on the Gold Coast.

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