The Magic of Sound Healing with Melody

Would you like a mantra for creating miracles in your life?

If so, mentally repeat or verbalize the mantra: Shreem Brzee whenever possible. Focusing on your desired outcome whilst repeating the mantra.

This mantra takes one out of the survival part of the brain and shifts your consciousness to the mid brain, where miracles occur.

The Magic of Sound Healing

The intent is the energy actually behind the sound. Intention plus frequency equals transformation. Stated by Jonathon Goldman, a pioneer of Sound Healing.
Are you a spiritual person seeking a relaxed and natural platform to develop the skills needed for self-healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level? Melody’s’ Tibetan Singing Bowl training is the perfect solution.
Through the calming sounds of the ancient therapy, you will discover a range of benefits for your mind, body, and soul, and with our foundation courses, even complete beginners can feel the full benefits in no time.
It’s vital to learn what sounds will be most beneficial and to intentionally direct those correctly in the process. Your health and spiritual evolution depend on it!
Whether you are highly in sync with your spirituality or simply wish to discover how self-development and control can alter your life for the better. Tibetan singing bowl courses offer a calming, fast-working, and affordable answer to your problems.
Tibetan singing bowl teaching are open to all adults over aged 18 regardless of background. However, it is not advised for pregnant women while those with any medical conditions are advised to check with their general practitioner before starting any course.
If you are a yoga meditation teacher, Reiki master, or energy healer, this can also be a great way to develop the skills needed to improve your own teachings.

Come along and join in the fun in the upcoming three day Sound Healing Practitioner Course where we will be focusing on How To Play the Tibetan Singing Bowls with confidence whilst healing yourself and or others.

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