A two day ‘Hands-on’ – ‘life enhancing’ workshop with Melody

Learn Seven Chakras Bowls Technique along with Sound Healing Meditation

An experiential ‘Hands-on’ workshop .. Learn the ‘Art of Sound Healing’ with Melody

Sound Healing supports:
– Deep Relaxation
– Meditation
– Stress Reduction
– Improved Mental Clarity
– Self Esteem Booster
– Balancing left and right hemispheres of the brain
– Expanded Awareness and Consciousness

When you join this workshop, you’ll learn how to …
• Feel confident working with sound healing and your voice
• Help yourself with healing sounds – feel more relaxed and clam
• Feel confident to give sound healing sessions to the people you care about: your family and friends
• Take the first step to becoming a professional sound healer

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Venue: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia