Melodys Sound Healing includes drumming … a drumming session can make us feel so good … and can also help to enhance our well-being.

When you’ve heard the word ‘drumming’ … it has most probably resonated to some sort of ‘activity’. If you think about it, we ‘drum up’ business … we ‘bang the drum’ … so to speak. Also, it usually conjures up an impression that we ‘dance to the beat’ or ‘march to the beat’ … maybe for a cause we strongly believe in. Interestingly, we usually say that those who ‘march to the beat of a different drummer’ are more creative and individualistic.

Drumming Origins

Drumming has very ancient origins, from many different cultures all around the world. In essence, it’s simple activity is very primitive. It can help us to get back to our roots. Also, drumming can be very energizing. As you probably guessed, there’s many different types of drumming. Now-a-days we see an array of drumming techniques, from those with ancient tribal origins to the ‘new-wave’ synthesised sounds of the ‘techno-pop’ culture.

Drumming for Enhanced Well-being

So many say that a good drumming session makes them feel so great! So, if drumming can make you feel great, could it help to improve our well-being? Well, many say ‘yes!’ Now, that sounds great. So we could enjoy our-self in a past-time and enhance our well-being as well.

How Does Drumming Work?

So you may ask, just how does drumming work to improve well-being? Some explain it as the healing power of rhythm. As well as listening to the magic of drumming, there’s also something extra powerful when you are actually doing it too.

The rhythm of a beat is very fundamental to life. As an example, your very own heartbeat. Listen now with your your hand held over your heart and feel and listen to your heartbeat. Then simply with your hands, tap out the rhythm of your heartbeat. It’s a great way to get in touch with our primordial rhythm. We have a basic rhythm pulsing all throughout our body. It can be a great meditation to re-connect to that most fundamental beat. Tapping-out a beat helps us to get back in touch with an essence of our-self. Many have said how drumming has helped in reducing stress. It’s been explained, that’s a reason why drumming has been found to be associated with so many benefits to our well-being.

Another aspect of drumming is what’s call ‘brain-entrainment’. Basically, we have 4 main cycles of brain rhythms. When we’re stressed, over-analytical, in panic and anxiety it’s said that we’re in a ‘beta’ brain wave frequency. In this chaotic frequency, we’re out of tune with our body and mother nature. On the other hand, a regular, deep, slow and constant drum beat may help to induce our brain rhythms into a more relaxing, in-sync, intuitive and creative space.

How to Start Drumming

We can really drum, almost anywhere at anytime. You could drum on a desk or table-top. But, of course it’s much more pleasurable to do it on a real drum. So, to get started, you really need to pick your-self up a drum.

Today’s most popular drums fall into two categories. There’s frame drums and handheld drums. Handheld drums look something like a tambourine. Full-body drums can be up to about three feet .

It’s suggested , to get started, you can buy a simple drumming kit. This will typically include a frame drum, rhythm cards, drumming guidebook, including playing tips and maybe resources.

You can play at home or even outside in nature. Of course, you need to be considerate to your neighbors. You may choose to drum along to your favorite tunes on a playlist or simply make-up your own beats. It’s a great way to release stress after a tough day at work.

Remember, start with a simple heartbeat rhythm. Use that heartbeat rhythm as you transfer that beat to the drum and then add some improvising as you go. Start by drumming out the beat of your current energy level and then play around with the tempo that best suits you. It usually takes a moment to fall into a groove. Tune-into how you feel as you gradually alter the rhythm and tempo. Drumming is about getting out of your head and losing yourself in the activity of the drumming.

Join a Drumming Circle

When you’re feeling confident, you may choose to join a local drumming circle. Local ‘drumming circles’ have become increasingly popular now-a-days. This is where a group come together to beat together. It’s a great way to connect with others.

To find a drum circle near you, go to http://www.drumcircles.net/internationalcirclestext.html#AU