If your feeling drained from day-to-day work chores, maybe obligations have left you frazzled and tired … your nerves feel frayed … and you feel out of whack?  … enjoy the benefits of Melodys Sound Healing Gold Coast.

There is a centuries-old, “sound” method to achieve the deep relaxation and healing you need. The Tibetan Sound Healing Bowl or ‘Singing Bowl’, is actually a “standing bell”. Its use for ceremonies, meditation and healing goes back to the 15th century in many parts of Asia, and Tibetan Monks continue applying their good vibrations today.

Use Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls to restore your well-being through harmonic sound vibrations you will both hear and feel!

The soothing tones emanating from the different layers within the metal bowl – when struck with a soft mallet — bring forth their warm, singing sounds, surrounding your very being. These tones are so enchanting to your ear, you feel embraced, and your spirit uplifted.

But it’s what it’s going on inside your body that’s even more marvelous … enjoy the benefits of Melodys Sound Healing Gold Coast

There are seven centres of energy in your body — like spinning wheels — located along various parts of the spinal column. The vibrations released from the Tibetan Sound Healing Bowl resonate with these centres — your chakras — heightening awareness and building higher consciousness. Separate layers within the Healing Bowl possess individual tonalities which aid the transition into deep meditation. In this state, you can tune into the Healing Bowl’s vibrations to heal disease, by rebalancing resonance in a particular energy centre – one of your seven personal chakras.

Imagine the sublime stress relief you could realise in your own home, every day if you wish. The freedom to enter your own healing environment in private comfort. Escaping the rat race, traffic noise and pollution of the outside world.

The enchanting, healing tones from a Tibetan Sound Healing Bowl actually raise your own vibrations high enough for stress and pain to lose their grip.

Your chakras no longer “spin their wheels”, but spin freely – opening your body to higher spiritual awareness.

No, you don’t have to be a monk – but don’t we all need our quite mind, to let our inner energies flow and to heal?

Of course, you could also have like-minded friends join you in your
Tibetan Sound Healing retreat”.

To investigate, why not join others who want to become more “vibrant” in this pursuit? Melody’s Sound Healing sessions and Groups is your place to begin?

Enjoy Melody’s Sound Healing Gold Coast Sessions and Groups

The intent is the energy actually behind the sound.

It’s vital to learn what sounds will be most beneficial and to intentionally direct those correctly in the process. Your health and spiritual evolution depend on it!

Melody offers an extensive range of Tibetan-Sound-Healing-Bowls. These are hand-made, many with inlaid-mantras. When played, they produce enchanting harmonic and healing sound vibrations, which are ideal for the likes of chakra balancing, energy healing modalities and generally for enhancing well-being. These hand-made bowls that are inlaid with ancient mantras, whilst the bowls are being made, chanting occurs throughout the making, enhancing the healing vibrations of the bowl when played.

How Does Sound Healing Work? – Sound Healing is great way of ‘Brainwave-Entrainment’ … to find out – please click here

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Client Comments

It is with great honour we share our testimonial with you ‘now’. Together my partner and I manifested a beautiful opportunity to attend an intimate weekend course with the beautiful Melody Bass. We were highly anticipating the weekend, excited to embrace new and sacred lessons in mind, body and spirit for ourselves and the collective.
The realization of knowledge bestowed to us was tenfold, so much so that it has fundamentally re sculpted our existence in the weeks after the course and each day forward in our daily practice. It has awoken greater presence, ignited heightened awareness and insight, re-birthed stronger confidence of inner belief and empowered our higher self with ancient knowledge, knowing and artistry of the energy fields that surround us.

We experienced a delightfully heart-warming and healing adventure together in the gentle trusting energy, abilities and teachings of Melody, with delivery of her innate gifts in this field, moving through us with ease and understanding in the most loving & accepting environment to focus within.
We both feel a deep resonance to lovingly recommend all who are seeking a deeper connection to self and others around them, for this course to be the most worthy of investments in your purpose as an individual and within all your relationships in these leading edge times.
With Heart,
Melissa and Jonce
Infinite Harmony

Working with Melody is a certainly a life Transformer, the energy resonating through my body is releasing such limiting thoughts, feelings and emotions, each session I feel intune, empowered and my self belief has escalated so much more, creating awareness and consciousness. I am so truly grateful as this experience is beyond the mind, it is like being in the movie “The Maxtrix”, the feeling is indescribable, transcending time and space.
I have been working with Melody for two years now and my has flourished beyond my expectations, life is so different, realizing we are all energy without separation has allowed me to be empathetic and relinquishing judgements, particularly on myself. I will continue working with Melody and experiencing my life unfolding even more, once again, I am truly grateful.
P. Anderson – Arundel Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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